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ZORB Football

ZORB Football

Please Note: We are unable to offer ZROB football to anyone over the approximate age of 14 at present.

ZORB, also known as Bubble, Football is a laugh-a-minute, non-stop football experience like you have never had before.
It's the perfect way to offer something completely different for Birthday Parties and a whole host of other events.


ZORB Football is suitable for players of 7 years and upwards, but players under the age of 16 will need a parents or guardians consent.
There is however a maximum weight limit of 118 Kgs and a maximum height limit is 1.9 meters (6 foot 2 inches).

Your body goes inside the ZORB, or bubble, you put the straps over your shoulders and hold onto the hand grips inside.
Your legs are on the outside so you can run... or at try to.
There is a hole above your head to let in air and for you to see out of if you bend forward.

Star Turf Staff hold a safety briefing before you start, which includes tips on how to get back up if you fall over.

There are a maximum of 8 players on the field at any one time, but no restriction on the amount of players that can sub on and off.
We do however recommend having at least 10 or12 players available.


ZORB football is very physical, so therefore we do not advise members of the party that suffer, or have suffered, from the following to participate.


  • Any heart conditions/problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Chest pains when exercising

  • Bone or joint problems

  • Back problems

  • Any serious injuries within the last 12 months

If you are suffering from, or have suffered with, anything in the list and you still wish to participate then this activity is done solely at your own risk.
Star Turf will not be held liable for any injuries obtained while playing ZORB football and a Waiver of Liability must be signed by every player BEFORE commencing play.


All players must wear flat shoes (i.e. trainers, NO studs) and you will get hot, so we recommend you wear light weight clothes.

Star Turf is an alcohol free venue.
Players who have been drinking will NOT be allowed to use the ZORBs.

ZORB Rules

  • Before commencing play you must read and Sign the Waiver of Indemnity form.

  • Before the start of play the referee will read out the safety rules to all players.

  • Before the start of play the referee will check that every player is safely inside their ZORB and that all straps are safe.

  • There are plenty of different games / challenges to play... sometimes a football may even be involved!

  • When the whistle is blown play stop immediately.
    Players who go on pushing and shoving their rivals could be asked to leave the game. It is the referees’ responsibility to ensure safety.


  • A player, who uses his feet to kick another player, or the equipment, could be asked to leave the center.
    There is no refund if this should happen.


  • Whilst playing you must stay inside the ZORB.

  • As a safety precaution, and to prevent lower hip injuries, it is forbidden to purposefully aim your bubble at another player’s leg.
    To avoid leg injuries do NOT push another player against the wall, or in a corner.
    It is also forbidden to fiercely go at a player who does not have the ball, or a player who is down trying to get up.
    You MUST play the ball and follow the game.
    Do NOT bump another player without making sure they see you first.
    You’re responsible for your actions, and the consequences thereof.
    Play safe and responsibly, help each other when needed.


  • Hygiene and Respect are paramount.
    After your game, please clean your ZORB with the wipes provided.
    This will only take a few seconds and shows respect for the next players and they will thank you for your cooperation.


  • Glasses cannot be worn and neither can wrist watches, rings with stones or other items that may puncture the ball.

  • Bare Feet, playing in socks, jandels or spikes are strictly forbidden.

  • Regular breaks will be given due to the physical and tiring nature of the ZORB games.

  • Have fun!

  • Alcohol is NOT permitted in Star Turf.
    Intoxicated players are not allowed to use the ZORBS


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