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Star Turf: Change of Ownership

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Star Turf has been in business for 8 years and has experienced incredible growth as the leading indoor football centre in Hamilton – if not the country.

That was in so small way due to the relationships Duncan and Sian were able to form with local and loyal patrons.

Duncan and Sian have been gracious enough to allow Sean and his wife, Emma, to continue their great work, and their two boys, Conor and Liam, are both mad keen footballers.

Sean comes with many years of experience in the football business.

He was the club administrator at Three Kings United in Auckland (one of the largest football clubs in the country), and is also a qualified referee.

Sean's real passion however is coaching.

His philosophy as a coach of Junior and Youth players is to create a competitive environment that focuses on player development - favouring ball skills, passing, decision making and creativity as the means to find success within the rules and spirit of the game.

Sean's primary concern is the development, empowerment, welfare, enjoyment and safety of the players he works with.

"I take great pride as a manager, and I will work hard to ensure the unparalleled service and reputation of Star Turf’s long-standing commitments to football in the Hamilton area and to continue to offer the excellent football experience that Star Turf is known for" says Sean.

Over the past couple months, Duncan and Sean have worked closely together, and over the next few weeks will continue to do so, to ensure a successful transition.

With the change in ownership, Star Turf are hoping retain the current staff as well as making a few subtle non-staff related changes to enhance the football offerings even further, and so by retaining the current staff Star Turf will be able to provide it's community with the level of service and support they are accustomed to with little to no impact.

If you have any questions or would like to make any comment or have any feedback from your Star Turf experience, please contact us.

Star Turf Crest

Star Turf Indoor Football Centre

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