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Conditions of Entry

Thank you for visiting the Star Turf Indoor Football Centre.
We hope you have an awesome time.
By entering the centre you agree to abide by our conditions of entry.

  • Please wear suitable footwear on the pitches
    No bare feet, molded or studded football boots may be worn

  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (i.e. a person over the age of 16) at all times

  • No food, chewing gum or drinks (including water bottles) can be taken onto or consumed on the pitches

  • No strollers of prams to be taken onto the pitches

  • No animals (apart from assistance dogs) inside the centre

  • No alcohol may be bought into or consumed in the centre

  • No smoking or vaping inside the centre

  • Keep your belongings in sight and under supervision, but not inside the netted area, at all times
    Star Turf takes no responsibility for any loss

  • Any deliberate damage or negligent use of the centre, where damage occurs, will be paid for by the user

  • Any behaviour which is considered improper or disorderly will be acted upon and the person will be asked to leave the centre and the Police may be notified

  • Star Turf management reserves the right to refuse entry in the future and issue a trespass notice if needed

  • Star Turf management reserves the right to change the conditions of entry as and when required

Star Turf Crest

Star Turf Indoor Football Centre

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