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Why Do Young Players Need Star Soccer?

Why Players Need Star Soccer

Are private training providers a must for young aspiring football players?
There is no doubting that at its grassroots heart football is a social sport - players get to play with their friends, make new friends, and learn the importance of team work, leadership and fair play.
However, the focus for many coaches is on how the team plays, and as you get older and up into higher grades of football, the focus shifts onto the results on the pitch which is of course dependent mostly on the performance of the team as opposed to the individual.

Like any team sport - the team is the sum of its parts and each player has their own specific skill-set that allows the team to excel… but (even at the elite level of the game in this country), coaches find that working on the individual skill sets with only (usually) two 1.5 hour group sessions a week is too challenging.
Techniques and individual skills and ball mastery often go without practice.
It's not the coach's fault; they have a large group of players to consider as a whole.
Training away from the team environment offers young players the opportunity to receive that individual attention.
It allows the coach to really highlight and focus on the areas of improvement for each individual player.
Players can work on skills and techniques they may not get the chance to in team practice.
Private training can provide benefits that players simply cannot get when working with a team group.
In a one hour session, players can run through the same technique and skill at least 100 times, and this kind of repetition of a technique or skill can help players focus on detail such as the placement of their non-kicking foot, which way their hips are facing etc.
Technical practices can be applied in team sessions to work on these skills, of course but the amount of repetition a player gets multiplies with a private training session.
Often over looked is this very important point.
Every player has a foot they prefer.
Lionel Messi is a household name for his left foot, but he scores plenty of goals with his right foot too.
There will be situations in games where players will need to utilize their non-dominant foot.
A chance to score may fall to them in the box.
They may have to put a cross in or the opposition defender may be playing them towards their non-favoured side.
The focus on working this foot in a non-team focused environment can provide opportunities that far exceed that of a team session.
A whole hour can be dedicated towards this, building the players' confidence to use it more often in games.
In a team session too, big personalities will always be heard more often than those of a quieter disposition.
This is not to say one is right or wrong, but those who are a little quieter may not get the attention they need.
In all walks of life, big characters get are the ones who are most noticed.
A private training session offers more than just a football training session.
It allows the coach to get to know the player more personally, gaining a greater indication of what makes them tick, why they play the game, and what they are looking for from it.

Our Coaching Programs

Star Turf run a number of weekly coaching sessions during each of the four school terms and during the school holidays.

With a customised curriculum for each session, these programs promise to deliver high quality sessions for every level of player to excel in and are open to boys and girls that love the game and want to play more often so they can improve their ball mastery and skill acquisition.

It's main aim is to provide a structured program for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

Players in the programs will be taken through a curriculum with an emphasis on developing competencies in travelling with the ball (running and dribbling), striking the ball (passing, shooting etc), receiving the ball, 1 v 1 when attacking and 1 v 1 when defending.

FOUNDATION FOOTBALL is a specialised football skills program for pre-schoolers, to develop their bodies and minds, balance, co-ordination and listening skills.


STAR SOCCER is a skills based program to provide young footballers an opportunity to improve their football skills which primarily focuses on a players individual skills with the goal of them becoming comfortable and confident with a football.


INDIVIDUAL (1 on 1) BASED COACHING is a new and exciting offering to the Star Turf program
It provides the opportunity to train 1 on 1 with one of our coaches.
Working 1-on-1 is a superb way to ignite, develop skills and build confidence, with plenty of touches of the ball, and specific coaching guidance as each session focuses on specific skills that need to be improved.


HOLIDAY PROGRAMS have been revamped to focus on the different needs of participants and can cater for beginners or for the more advanced players by a more dedicated focus on developing your child's football techniques and skill.
Participants get to play football games, work on their fitness and learn new skills.
Children can come for the week or just odd days - whichever suits your needs, and non footballers most welcome. 



Make A Booking

To make an on-line booking for either our Foundation Football, Star Soccer or Holiday Programs click on the appropriate button below...

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