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Senior 5-a-side League Rules


No Pay No Play - you MUST pay for your game before you play.

  1. Senior games consist of 2 x 14 minute halves.
    As soon as the buzzer sounds the game is over.


  2. The ball can go in any direction from the kick off.

  3. No player is allowed in the goal circle except for the goal keeper.  

  4. If an attacking player enters the goal circle intentionally or kicks the ball when the ball is within the area a free kick is given to the defending goalkeeper.
    If a defending player enters the goal circle a penalty is given unless it is unintentional and not interfering with play.


  5. A penalty is taken from the penalty mark.
    The player taking it stands next to the ball, and is allowed a one step run up.
    All other players except the defending goalkeeper have to be out of the circle penalty circle.


  6. The goalkeeper cannot kick the ball out of his hands at all.
    The goalkeeper can either kick the ball off the ground or throw it.


  7. If it is a goal kick the ball must bounce or touch any player before going over the halfway line.
    If the ball does go over halfway on the full an automatic direct free kick is given from the halfway line at the point where the ball crossed the half way.


  8. The goalkeeper cannot throw the ball directly into the opposition net.
    If this happens the ball will be returned to the goalkeeper and play will restart.


  9. A change of goalkeeper is NOT allowed in open play.

  10. The goalkeeper is allowed outside his area.

  11. If the ball touches the roof or lights the ball is returned to the goalkeeper of the team that didn't kick it into the roof.

  12. If the ball goes out, play is resumed with a kick in.

  13. You cannot score directly from a kick in or from the kick off for the start of a game or a restart after a goal has been scored.
    However, if it is a corner you can score directly.
    If a defender passes the ball back to the goalkeeper from a kick in and the ball goes directly into the goal then a goal will be awarded.


  14. All free kicks are direct.
    Opposing players must be 2 m away from the ball when it is kicked and this includes kick ins from the side.
    The referee will apply an advantage where necessary and will immediately tell the teams an advantage is in play to allow the game to flow.


  15. If a free kick is awarded within 2 m of the penalty box then the defending team can stand on the edge of the area.
    The attacking team can move the ball back 2 m to allow themselves room to play.


  16. The goalkeeper cannot touch the ball with his hands if he has received a pass from his team mates.
    If he does so a direct free kick is given from where the pass was made.


  17. Absolutely NO slide tackling.

  18. Substitutions are only allowed to happen when the ball is out of play.

  19. Foul and abusive language towards opposition players or the referee will NOT be tolerated.

  20. At the referees discretion he is able to give a player a 2 minute “cooling off” period.
    This player is not able to be replaced by a different player during the 2 minutes.


  21. In extreme cases a player can be sent off from the field off play for the remainder of the game and this may result in a total ban from playing at the centre.

  22. Teams with 4 players can borrow one extra player to make up the numbers but this player must be paid for.

  23. Teams with 3 or less players will be given a 5-0 default defeat and will be deducted 1 point regardless of the result. 

Defaulted Games and Cancellation Policy

Any team that defaults a competition game, prior to the day they are scheduled to play, will not be deducted points from their table.
That team will still be expected to pay the game fee.
However a cancellation fee of $50.00 will also be charged if we are unable to find players to make up a team for the opposition to play, regardless of any notice given.
We can assist your team if you require players via our Star Turf – Players Facebook group.

If your team gives us notice of a default on the day of your game, you will be eligible for the game fee and the cancellation fee (if we are unable to find players to make up a team for the opposition to play).
The team will be given a 5-0 default loss and incur a 2 point deduction.

If your team just doesn’t show up at all you will be eligible for the game fee and the cancellation fee.
The team will be given a 5-0 default loss and incur a 3 point deduction.

Teams that default more than two games, or fail to pay their game fees, may be removed from the league and required to pay any monies owing and a non-refundable bond for the full league's game fees up front in order to enter the next league.

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